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The VETUS vibration damper model HY is extremely suitable for application with marine diesel engines, by virtue of a low vertical stiffness, combined with high stiffness in the longitudinal direction.

This sturdy vibration damper is suitable for engines in the power range between 30 and 125 kW, whether or not provided with a thrust bearing.

These flexible engine mountings are suitable for marine diesel engines in the power range between 30 KW and 125 KW (40 HP - 170 HP).

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Stock Details
Product Code: HY150
EAN Barcode:
Manufacturer: Vetus
Ship Weight: 1.15 Kg
Technical Data
Dimensional Details
Model: Vetus HY150
Vetus HY100 Engine Mounts
Stiffness Ratio
vertical: 1
athwartships: 1.2
fore & aft: 3.5
Min Load: 60 Kg
Min Compression: 2 mm
Max Load: 150 Kg
Max Compression: 5 mm
Hardness ° Shore: 50