Vetus M3.29 Mitsubishi Engine 27.2Hp FWC TMC40 2:1

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Vetus M3.29 Mitsubishi Engine 27.2Hp FWC TMC40 2:1 Your Price £6,205.22
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The new Vetus Mitsubishi M3.29 is a superbly quiet, compact and reliable 3 cylinder marine diesel inboard engine. The model shown here is the inter-cooled version with pre-fitted Twindisc TMC40 gearbox with a 2:1 ratio - ideal for small sailboats.

Simple to install - and easy to maintain, with all service items grouped on one side. The M3.29 ships with an attractive, waterproof key-switch panel (2m extendable hard-wired loom) with warning lights for low oil pressure, high water and exhaust temperature.

We can supply a package of perfectly matched ancillaries, all the way from the engine to the propeller, ensuring a trouble free installation and a long service life.

New features on this engine are...
  • New heat exchanger with 26 improvements including materials and advanced surface coatings
  • Water cooled top cover - reduces engine room temperature for improved performance
  • Electric fuel lift pump and front mounted oil and fuel filters
  • New Air Filter housing reduces engine noise dramatically making the M2.18 one of the quietest in its class!
We can offer a UK South Coast installation service - or help with any stage of the installation should you decide to install yourself. Providing the final installation is inspected by ourselves, or a Vetus engine dealer - the 5 year warranty is valid. Please contact us for further information.
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Product Code: M329A402A
EAN Barcode:
Manufacturer: Vetus
Ship Weight: 125.00 Kg
Technical Data
Vetus Engine Technical Data
Model: M3.29
Stroke: 70 mm
Bore: 76 mm
Capacity: 952cm3
Number of Cylinders: 3
Compression Ratio: 22:1
Firing Order: 1-3-2
Alternator: 12 v - 75 A
Max Output at Flywheel/Propshaft: 20 kW (27.2Hp) — 19.3kW (26.2Hp)
Maximum RPM: 3600
Torque at Max RPM: 53.1 Nm
Fuel Consumption: 270 g/kW.h
Gearbox & Ratio: TMC40 2:1
Dry Weight (inc Gearbox): 123 kg
Fuel pump lift height: 1.5 m/5 ft
Calorifier Connection: Optional kit
Warning Lights/Audible Alarms: oil Pressure, Water Temperature (Raw & Fresh), Charge Current
Cooling System: Indirect Sea-Water cooling